About Us

ScreenResolutionTest is the tool for checking and testing the screen resolution of your display device. Whether you are using a smartphone, desktop monitor, laptop or tablet, you can easily find out the width and height of your screen in pixels, as well as the Device Pixel Ratio of your display device.

ScreenResolutionTest works right inside your browser and does not require any installation or download. It is fast, accurate and reliable, and it will show you the current screen resolution, DPR and color depth of your device in seconds.

Our Blog section is dedicated to writing about the latest advancements in a field of display technology and providing expert reviews on the current displays in the market.

From the intricacies of LCD and OLED technologies to the details of different HDR formats, we cover it all. Our reviews are thorough, examining everything from color accuracy to refresh rates, ensuring you have all the information you need to make informed decisions.

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